9 Pitfalls To Avoid During The Digital Transformation Process

The reality is the impact of digital transformation is unavoidable.

In today’s day and age, organizations are starting to wake up to the fact that every business is becoming a technology company. It is a very disruptive time for these organizations who are embedding digital technology into their core values and processes. 

Digital transformation is here, and while there is no set timetable for it the one thing we do know is that it is imperative for any and all organizations who are seeking future success.

Especially in today’s modern and rapidly changing business environment. 

Knowing how to navigate the rough waters of Digital Transformation can be challenging, so this guide was designed to assist you when potential issues arise.

You will find 9 key pitfalls that your organization must avoid during the digital transformation process. 

Have a solid reason for implementing a digital transformation process

You should not implement new technology or processes simply for the sake of doing so, you should have a business reason and plan for any new process or implementation strategy. 

Coordinate the talent of your team and point them towards a certain goal

Whatever the goal is you must set that goal upfront, it must be very clear and you must know what type of transformation you are looking to obtain from those goals. You have to make sure that this can be measurable so your return on investment is a success, a quantifiable benefit. 

Success comes through fast failure

Remember the journey is in the process. You can’t be afraid to question and edit things in real time, but you must also be sure not to classify something as a failure when most times it is actually the implementation that is flawed.

It is crucial to keep a critical eye on any warning signs that arise. For example, if you cannot solve a problem that you have defined on a small scale, then sometimes it is best to stop altogether, re-evaluate the data, and move on entirely. 

Be careful not to be overwhelmed with digitalization

You must fully understand what problems your business is trying to solve. Then and only then are you able to determine which scope of technologies will serve you best moving forward. At that point you will successfully be able to optimize the process of digitization.  

Make transformation everyone’s business

Collaboration internally amongst the team drives transformation. Each business department or business function of the organization helps make the business as a whole more successful.

But you must make sure that each member is working cohesively to create a cohesive approach internally. It really is about making digitalization everyone’s business within the organization. 

Be realistic – Success lies in the data and numbers

Be realistic with your digitalization goals, don’t call out success too early!

The key is to determine how you are automating and analyzing everything you are implementing or plan to implement. You must be able to report real business benefits and objectives which actually drive digital transformation. That is when you can shout out about the digital success you are having. 

Talent will win games but teamwork wins championships

Having everyone committed to the digital transformation process is one of the best ways to ensure the transformation will be successful. You want to prevent silos, and leverage the feedback from all areas of the organization to ensure enterprise wide collaboration. 

A journey of xyz miles always starts with a single step 

There is a saying by Lao Tzu “Do the difficult things while they are easy, and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” The key is to determine what enables organizations to resolve issues, and which will benefit when the solution for that specific issues is resolved by implementing a digital transformation process. 

Be confident and own your strategy

It takes a team to build an organization, but it takes vision from the team to keep it on track. In order to stay on pace and ahead of the curves it is vital for everyone to believe in the future of the digital transformation process, you must own and be 100% confident in these strategies. 

Are you a business owner or CEO who has experienced digital transformation problems? We understand and you are not alone.

In fact, a few years ago Forbes reported that according to Forrester, only 27% of businesses had a digital strategy.  Fast forward to now, and it seems almost every business is going through a transformation phase or recently completed one. 

Don’t be intimidated by this process, digital transformation is simply a cultural transformation. Using technology as the driver, the transformation has to occur with people and processes within the organization.

A successful transformation is about leveraging technology to meet user expectations both internally and externally.

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