Skill Sets Your Marketing Team Must Have in Order to Succeed

Digital marketing teams should possess a wide variety of different skill sets to effectively grow the business they are working with. 

Depending on the set goal the task to obtain it will be different, however, the end goal is always to scale up the overall marketing campaign results. 

  • Web Development

First and foremost, it is important to have web development and design skills in order to create visually appealing content. This is your face online, and it is imperative that your visuals sell and represent the brand properly online. The quality of your website and design has to be spot on. 

  • Social media

Next, you want to make sure that you have someone managing your social media, organic traffic is a great way to build a strong relationship and foundation with little to no advertising. Potential customers often visit your website, and social media channels before making a purchase decision. 

Do you look open? Meaning are you active on social media if you are not then you could potentially appear to be closed to those seeking what you offer? 

  • Paid Search

Are you serving the existing demand in real-time? Paid search does just that. Ads work best when they are served to those seeking what you offer, versus those who are passively exposed. 

Focus on serving those paid advertisements to the customers who want what you offer. 

  • Data Analysis

This is crucial to success, so how do you get better results without measuring them? Tracking what happens when people arrive at your website, and how they behave once on it allows you to know your customers better so you can scale up the marketing campaign faster. There are plenty of third-party tools available to measure your performance and optimize campaigns. 

  • SEO

Being familiar with Search Engine Optimization is a must-have in today’s digital world. It really is the foundation of any digital marketing campaign. It also supports your paid search efforts. 

One of the most important components of SEO is keywords and strategically placing them within your website pages. Keep in mind that Google Adwords is influenced by the “quality score”, so the higher your score, the cheaper the ad will be. You achieve this by having proper SEO built into your website and campaign from the start. 

Then you pay for advertising. Not the other way around. That is working harder, not smarter. Well done SEO results in cheaper advertising. 

  • Project Management

Experience in campaign creation, management, and task delegating is vital to your success. How is your team communicating, as we know communication is key. Group chats are a wonderful way to stay connected when working remotely, along with video calls and conferencing. 

Keeping operating expenses low and optimizing your delegation among team members helps ensure a high level of engagement with clients and among your team which then results in a much higher return on investment. 

  • Content Marketing

Content is King! Be sure you are providing value in everything you publish, content nowadays is much more than just writing. It can be infographics, infomercials, videos, podcasts, and more. 

Be sure your content marketers are seasoned copywriting experts, who understand how to distribute content while understanding public relations and the importance of having distribution. 

  • Being Proactive & Seeing the Vision

It is very important to see past the short term goals and to understand the long term repercussions of the decisions being made in the present moment. Marketing activities and decisions are a vital part of scaling a business and creating success so be sure your team understands that they’re a major part of this happening and being successful. 

Being proactive is something that is fundamental to achieving success. Having a team that stays on top of trends, updates, and business will beat our competitors since you are one step ahead of them.  

In conclusion, these are some of the most important skill sets we have found that businesses require on a daily basis in order to achieve online success. Of course, the positioning of these skill sets and tasks requires going off a strategy and marketing plan. 

So, please be sure your team has that in place without a strategy and plan it is hard to know where you are going. 

For more information regarding a marketing plan or developing strategies feel free to reach out to one of our team members and schedule a call with one of our experts today! 

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