The Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital or online marketing is a way to market goods and services utilizing the internet as a way to reach people. It is a valuable asset to your business’s growth and helps you to establish an authoritative presence online. 

In fact, methods like search engine optimization, and pay per click advertising increase brand awareness by as much as 80 percent. 

Did you know over 7.7 billion people use the internet across the globe? 

Here are some reasons why you should invest in digital marketing: 

  • Reach people where they spend their time

The reality is with the growth of the internet, more and more people spend their time online. When you understand how to maximize your ROI online using social media advertising you succeed and you win really big. Social media marketing and paid advertising is only a piece of digital marketing but it is a very important one. 

Digital marketing shines hope for small businesses, brick and mortar, eCommerce, and personal brands alike. In fact, it actually allows small businesses the ability to hold a top-ranking position, and when managed correctly it gives that business control over where and how they spend their money. This is the type of control and data required to support decision making. 

  • Your competition is doing it 

If you are contemplating why digital marketing is so important, the answer is your competitors are already doing it and taking advantage of this, so this is another reason why you should. 

By not investing in digital marketing your competition is gaining the attention and traffic that could have been yours. Your potential customers won’t know that your business is an option and will choose your competitors, so invest in digital marketing so your business can be found.

  • Target your customers and ideal audience 

This is really important and one of the most obvious reasons to deploy a digital marketing plan for your business. Being able to market your business directly to your target market to those who have an interest in your product or service. 

With digital marketing, you are able to do this much easier than traditional marketing. You can segment your audience as well, so you drive better results within your campaigns, which ultimately leads to more sales and a higher return on your investment. 

  • You have the ability to monitor and optimize your campaigns

It is important to be able to monitor your campaigns, especially when you invest time and money into them, you want to know what is working and what isn’t. Digital marketing makes it easy for you to do just that, which ultimately leads to better results. Traditional marketing methods are challenging to measure and can be very time consuming while annoying people who visit your business. 

With digital marketing, you don’t have to bother your audience by trying to track results or monitoring performance. You are able to see the impressions, clicks, likes, shares, comments, conversions, and more. By doing this is it much easier to optimize your results. 

  • Higher Return on Investment

Email marketing for example is one of the highest returns out of all digital marketing methods. In fact, for every dollar spent you have the ability to earn $44 in return, which is an ROI of 4400%. 

Digital marketing is a great way to grow your business and reach new levels of success within your organization. 

IDMG is one of the most well-respected agencies in the digital marketing space, and we are proud to provide our clients with the best in class marketing services. 

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