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What is Omnichannel Marketing?

To keep it simple, omnichannel is using all of your marketing channels to create one. So, this will include both traditional and digital marketing channels, point of sale, in-store, and online.  Omnichannel marketing by definition is using digital marketing and or traditional marketing channels to send relevant information or messaging about a brand’s customers regardless of the customer engagement with the brand, or the channels used to engage. 

Some examples of this would be: 
  • A customer who receives a message on Facebook messenger about cart abandonment, and then following up with a retargeting ad for that abandoned product. 
  • A customer receiving a text message about a specific product or promotion, and then also receiving a mailer with physical coupons. 
  • A customer in the store shopping and then receiving a text message about a specific promotion about a product within the store they are currently physically in. 

The goal today is to create an Omnichannel approach, as customers of the now are Omnichannel. This means you want to be able to provide the end-user and consumer with a seamless shopping experience, from the moment they are first touched to the moment they are last touched and make a purchase.  Keep in mind that Omnichannel marketing adapts to how the consumer interacts with the brand, and or messages from other channels, and or marketing efforts. It really is a more personalized approach based on how they engage with the offers you are sending or showing them.  Engagement doesn’t always necessarily mean more revenue, however, given the statistics, those using three channels or more to interact with their customers showed a 250% increase in purchase rates. Plus, those who used three or more channels had a 90% higher conversion and retention rate than single channels. Repeat customers are the most valuable as they are cheaper to convert, spend more, and they will also bring in more customers via referral.  So, in conclusion, an Omnichannel approach and marketing strategy will bring in the most value, and help transform your business and customers versus using one strategy and channel.  To discuss or learn more about how we at IDMG are able to create omnichannel campaigns for you contact us today!

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