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Marketing is the Priority as Markets Adapt to the Pandemic

During a crisis, you must have a proactive plan to adjust and adapt your marketing strategy. More specifically, how you lead your organization, speak to your customers, and manage your company’s image.

Marketing is the center stage for your brand, so it is important to operate with integrity and transparency during these challenging times. You must take the right actions and find the right message, as one of the greatest challenges organizations are now seeing is foreseeing how a consumer’s experience and expectations regarding purchasing decisions evolve. 

As the pandemic continues to send impacts across the globe many businesses are readjusting their traditional budgets to survive in these uncertain times. So, the question remains how do we marketers adapt to an uncertain future?

We use digital marketing now more than ever to promote brand awareness as the go-to destination for brands seeking to remain relevant during this pandemic. We at IDMG have seen a massive increase in clients redirecting their marketing budgets to digital channels, whereas in the past they might have been more conservative.

Now, these organizations realize their only chance to stay relevant is to be found digitally. Consumers are searching for what companies offer online and want pick-up, or delivery, gone are the days of driving around shopping.

Now, it is as simple as picking up a tablet, or smartphone and buying whatever it is you want. Mobile commerce is the next wave and companies need to make sure they are staying on top of this surge. The ones that leverage it will remain and the ones that don’t will suffer becoming extinct. 

Marketing has now become the priority and accounts for nearly 80% of budgets this year. It represents the largest portion of a company and brand’s budget, and this number will only continue to increase within the next year.

Companies are understandably realizing they have to develop a financial plan on digital channels. This is where consumers are spending their time as a result of the pandemic. So, the digital marketing strategy must be long-term and concentrate on retention and engagement within their audience and market sectors. 

Those companies that were already capitalizing on these digital channels are ahead of the curve and the ones still surviving in these times. There is a great reliance now on everything digital, from your brand’s online presence and website to social media, which greatly magnified as the pandemic went on.

Now, mobile commerce is becoming more and more crucial as consumers are purchasing from their devices and this number is only increasing. In fact, by 2021 mobile is predicted to dominate online sales, driving 54% of all sales. 

Now, is the time to get on the digital advertising and marketing bandwagon your business and organization’s future depends on it more than ever.

Have questions not sure where to start, book a free consultation and strategy session with one of the digital marketing experts today! 

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