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Why These Specific 4 Industries Require Better Websites

The harsh truth and reality are that there are still businesses that do not have a website. Apparently, these business owners do not see the internet as important to their overall business growth, sustainability, and success formula.

From our research, some seem to think that it will take too much time and or efforts away from their current tasks and responsibilities at hand. Others might feel it is too costly, and they simply do not take it seriously and just push it aside. 

Well, we have news for you now it is more important than ever to have an online presence especially during everything occurring within the world with COVID-19. 

How do you expect your customers to respond and find you if you don’t have a digital presence? 

If you are one of the types of businesses that are listed within this article and you still do not have a website based on all our data and research it is vitally important to get one in place NOW! 

Small business

A lot of small business owners that we have spoken with at first feel they are too small to make a difference online. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, no matter who you are, and what your size is you can shine and look like whatever you desire to be online. The choice is yours! 

You first must understand that most people will browse online whenever they are in search of a product or service, gone are the days of driving around to find what they are looking for. Especially now with COVID-19, it is more imperative than ever that your establishment has a presence online or else you will lose business to your competitors that have established themselves.

You also have to remember that a website has become a way that consumers seek credibility and a way to vet a business, if you aren’t found online then most people are skeptical if you even actually exist in the real world. They also tend to doubt that you are trustworthy because if you were why wouldn’t you be online? So, the moral of the story is if you are a small business and you don’t have a mobile-friendly online presence, you are losing potential business to your competitors that appear on their devices and are seen as a trusted source. 

Lawyers & Legal Counsel 

Most attorney’s services aren’t necessarily needed on a daily basis, however, when someone is in need of a lawyer they will go online to research and try and find one. So are you appearing? 

Consumers want to feel safe and just talking to someone over the phone isn’t necessarily going to provide them with the safeness they might be searching for. However, in conjunction with a stellar reputation online will definitely help you serve your new potential clients. The goal is to showcase yourself with reviews, and qualifications to enable you to build the trust factor! 

Health & Wellness Industry

There is so much noise and competition in this industry especially if you are a physical trainer. The reality is that your online presence is your face to the internet world. Sure, a lot of people use Instagram which is great, but having a website again is imperative to take payments, and deliver your programs. No one wants to make a purchase from a sketchy website or watch workout videos from a glitchy outdated or non-existent website.

Your website tells a lot about how you perceive your business. If you care about it and your clients, you will want a fluid mobile-friendly website that is extremely user-friendly and is easy to navigate and find. This again builds trust among your audience, now on the other hand if it isn’t all of the above then you are perceived as not caring about yourself, your business, or your potential clients. 

Food Industry

Ah, this is a MUST for those in the food industry! Does Google bring up your establishment while you are searching for restaurants near me? Do you see your business? If not then you are losing the game, my friends. Consumers who do a search and don’t find your business think you are closed and do not exist. Period! It really is that simple. No one especially during these challenging times is going to drive around to see if the lights are indeed actually on, no way! 

Obviously, the food you produce is first and foremost but without customers how can you continue to make the food? The time is now to put yourself on the map, so more people can enjoy what you offer!

Now, let’s take it a step further you must be mobile-friendly, so if you are a business that thinks they are doing everything right, but your website doesn’t appear properly from a mobile device well you are still losing the game. People search from their phones so it is imperative that your website is user-friendly from ALL devices not just a desktop or laptop, ALL! 

As you can see over time people have adjusted their research and how they go about making decisions more specifically who they choose to do business with. So, if you fall into one of these specific categories it is crucial that you adhere to what we are saying. Especially now with the way the world is rapidly changing your future and business success depends on this! 

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