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Do Snapchat ads actually work? All you need to know

With the advancement and introduction of new social media apps, Snapchat has been able to achieve a notable place and make its mark at the same time. 

On average, the social media app boasts at least 200 million active users every day. Now, that is a wide audience using Snapchat and also making the most of it.

How do Snapchat ads actually work?

If you have ever used the app or know anything about it, you would know that Snapchat has a list of different features that its users are mostly fond of. These features are not just there for fun and entertainment purposes but can be used for monetary purposes through Snapchat ads.

As of 2021, Snapchat has ad different options for people to expand their reach to a wider audience.

  • The basic ads

The usual advertisements that you see on Snapchat are visible on a full screen that usually appears in the form of a video. The video comes with an audio option and is visible in a full-frame to be more visible.

Even within the Snapchat ads, there are several types of advertisements that you can make the most of.

They are as follows:

  • Web viewer

In the web viewing ad format, the advertisement only plays video content. In this particular ad feature, the web viewer is asked to swipe up for more details about the ad that was just displaying.

  • Application Installment

Another ad feature that Snapchats has is the application installation feature that asks the user to download an application on their smartphones so that they can make the most of it.

  • Long videos

In the long-form video content feature, Snapchat usually plays long video ads that help the user in understanding the product better.

  • Filters

The unimaginable heights that the app has reached are due to its ever-changing filter feature. Users enjoy trying different things with their faces and they are glad that the app gives them the option to experiment as much as they want. 

Let us just say that if it were not for the filters, Snapchat would not have become as popular as it has today. Based on the same strategy, different ads could also run showing various filter options to attract them more towards the product and the brand.

  • Lenses

The latest addition to the ad features that Snapchat has to offer are the different lenses that you can put and try on. This could be well for a company looking to advertise through Snapchat because they can come up with a lens that has their brand’s logo or name on it. This way, whenever someone tries the lens, their brand gets exposure.

Companies and brands that have already done so and have succeeded are Michael Kors and NBA to name a few. The uniqueness of the lens is what makes it want to be tried out by many people. This is a great way to reach out to the masses and expand your target audience without having to invest too much.

  • Snapchat performance data

While people might only mistake Snapchat ads as a means to create awareness about a particular brand, in reality, they can be used by anyone and everyone who is looking to grow through social media marketing.

To be able to judge if the Snapchat advertisement is working for your brand or not, here are a few things that you need to take into account.

  • Define your goals

Like you would have to before starting any new marketing campaign, with Snapchat as well, it is important that you first define your advertising goals and motives. Snapchat has a different type of offering, depending on your budget and niche. So, make sure you have a plan before you begin.

  • Advertisement format

The one good thing about Snapchat ads is that it makes the user feel that it is part of what they are looking into the app. This means that the ads are not too many or too annoying for users to feel too overwhelmed. It is on you to determine a particular format for the campaign you want to target and then get started.

  • Target the right audience

Once you have defined your campaign goals and know how you are going to go about the whole thing, you must start targeting the right audience for the campaign.

The truth is that no matter how much you want, you cannot reach out to everyone. Even if you somehow manage to do it, not everyone will engage with your content or feel that your brand is something that appeals to them.

In such cases, you must set a target audience beforehand so that there are no issues in the later stages of the campaign, especially when you are about to execute it. For filters and lens features, you are asked to always select a location.

When you layout a location, you also have the same option to do it for Snapchat ads using the same filters and lens. Snapchat also gives marketers to custom create an audience that they feel would be interested in using the filters and the lenses that they make according to their brand.

  • Evaluate

Another distinctive feature about Snapchat ads is their ability to track analytics and keep a check on them. This way as a brand, you are easily able to measure the success rate of your advertisements and also evaluate as to what is working and not working well with your audience. 

You need to keep investing in improving the user experience so that the user is satisfied with what you are giving to them. This also directly affects the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and helps you grow as a brand. There is no better way of cutting costs than advertising on Snapchat.

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