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7 Ways to Grow Revenue and Solve Profitability

How do you solve profitability? How do you know if your business will be profitable?

It’s easy to tell if you have enough sales to cover your costs, but determining whether or not you have the right sales and marketing strategy to grow revenue can be tricky, especially if your business model hasn’t been successful in the past.

Keep reading to find out how to build revenue and solve profitability by applying these seven actionable strategies…


1) Write Problem-Solution Headlines

Most sales letters are not creative enough, they don’t capture the customer avatar properly, they are one-sided, focusing only on their solution. But with a problem-solution headline, you get two angles: what they want (their problem) and how your product can help them (the solution).

As a result, prospects are more likely to find value in your sales letter—and more likely to convert.  


2) Use Value Pricing

Value pricing is a sales methodology that helps business owners determine how much customers are willing to pay for a product or service. Value pricing gives you an idea of what customers are willing to pay for your product, enabling you to convert more clients into paying customers by increasing their perceived value of your service or product.


3) Go Beyond the Sales Letter

Sales letters are crucial to helping you grow your business. If you want to solve profitability at your company, don’t sell in a sales letter—think beyond it. Provide utility (value).

Instead of focusing on individual sales of one-off products or subscriptions, you should look into developing a more sustainable approach that focuses on building relationships with customers.


4) Focus on Raving Fans, Not Your Average Client

The first step toward fixing profitability is shifting your focus from average clients to raving fans. When you’re laser-focused on delivering exceptional value, you’ll find it much easier to grow revenue.

Why? Because giving your customers what they really want will give them a reason—even an incentive—to spread positivity and word of mouth about your business. And when people talk about you, it creates a serious buzz that can drive new revenue opportunities your way.


5) Review Your Customer Funnel

Every business has a series of steps that its customers must take to become paying customers. These steps—commonly referred to as a funnel—can be measured, optimized, and changed based on behavior.

At any point in time, you should know what your customer funnel looks like (and where it’s broken). Using data from your analytics software, you can identify which specific steps are most important for your customer base. 


6) Test Everything and Measure Results

If you’re working on improving sales letters, don’t simply write two versions of your letter, send them out, and hope for a better response.

Instead, divide test everything from headlines to calls-to-action. Write several variations of each element in your message, test their effectiveness against each other, then measure which approach generates a stronger response. This will allow you to get real results that prove what works and what doesn’t so you can build an effective business moving forward.


7) Get Help From an Expert

I see so many companies make rookie mistakes because they don’t understand how to solve profitability in their business before going ALL in on developing something that isn’t even proven yet. By proven, I mean converting to actual real money.  Stop trying to do everything yourself.

Hire a CPA, hire a lawyer, hire an accountant. Get people in your corner who knows what they’re doing. In today’s world, you can even get help from your customers! There are TONS of forums online where you can ask other entrepreneurs how they solve business problems like profitability or growth-related issues.

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