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AI Marketing and Its Pros and Cons

AI marketing is the next big thing in the world of digitalization. It means one can do their marketing with the help of AI tools. That enables you to complete tasks more efficiently and effectively. 

Now you do not have to stress about human resources. You can take all the work from AI like you were taking from humans.

Most businesses are thinking to adopt AI marketing strategies to remain competitive in the market and to sustain.

Types of AI marketing:

Following are some things that are already included in our routine that is using AI for better customer experiences:

  • Virtual Assistants:

Siri, Alexa, or Microsoft Cortana uses AI capabilities. To enhance the user experience based on their past purchases and search history.

  • Video making and editing:

Moreover, there are editing software or apps that can make your desired video within seconds with the help of AI and a few clicks.

  • Email marketing:

AI can also help you send emails for marketing to customers in bulk. You only need to mention the time. So that it can identify what is the effective time to send emails to clients.

  • Chat button:

The chat button on every other official website uses AI tools to communicate with the customers on the website and to give them answers according to their queries.

So if one could imagine how to define AI marketing? Then the simple layman answer should be “AI marketing is the technology doing all the marketing activities”

Advantages of AI marketing:

Following are some benefits of AI marketing:
  • Google ads and Facebook ads use AI. And benefit many businesses with higher sales and conversion rates. They provide dynamic ads that attract a wider audience.
  • Helps in improving customer service. AI helps to get data from various websites that give you consumer insights. Hence you better understand your customers’ needs.
  • It reduces costs as you do not have to give salaries to individuals for sorting minor customer issues. AI does that for you by providing intensive customer knowledge and data. Moreover, it saves a lot of cost in marketing campaigns. As well as you make those ads without hiring media agencies and without being liable to pay them for their services.
  • Personalized messages are distributed to customers through AI. That makes the customer feel seen and valued by the business.
  • No chance of human error as everything is done by technology.
  • Saves a lot of time and effort.

Disadvantages of AI marketing:

Following are some cons of AI marketing:
  • AI is being beneficial for companies. But it is proving to be risky for the employees. They are feeling redundant. And at risk of losing their job at the hands of technological replacement. They feel they are no longer needed. That is causing a lot of psychological pressures and issues in people.
  • Not all businesses can adopt AI tools completely. Certain people do not feel comfortable talking with a computer about their issues. They need a human element so that they can trust the business.
  • In case a system crashes or the data files get corrupted. Then this is a big loss for a business. As they no longer have that customer data based on which they were working through AI.

Hence AI marketing can prove to be both good and bad for any business.

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