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Google analytics 4: All you need to know

If you want to improve market analysis and wonder how you would do it. Then the solution is easy. Google Analytics 4 will change the method to measure your marketing strategy.

To explore Google Analytics and what it means for marketers, the following are some of the guidelines.

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a new brand type of Google Analytics property. GA4 is the default property type in Google Analytics. It will now help to create the new property as GA4 property. With the launch of brand G4A, the previous version of Google’s Universal Analytics is no longer supported. The features like predictive reports built on machine learning are part of GA4. 

Google Analytics 4 Features

There are various new features introduced in GA4 which can be further enhanced as it evolves. Some of the interesting features are:

  • Event-based Tracking

This feature provides consistent data structure across the app and web reporting. In the previous version, the page views, sessions, and users were used but in this feature, parameters have been changed. It may need some practice to get used to it but provides an opportunity for extra customization.

  • Combined App+ Web view

The advertisers who worry about pulling reports from different places will now report on web and app performance in one place. It will reduce time and lessen report complexities.

  • Predictive Reports

By applying the machine learning model to data, GA4 will calculate probability, revenue prediction, etc. This will allow marketers to enhance and adjust their digital marketing strategy.

  • Privacy.

This feature will give control to targeted users to collect data. It also provides the ability to use that data in different advertising campaigns. However, it must be kept in mind that you’re compliant with your business privacy policies. 

  • Free Big Query Export.

Google allows this feature to be available to the free version. Earlier this feature was only available in Google Analytics 360. It allows free users to export unsampled data into Big Query for reporting and analysis. 

There are new features that allow GA4 to be marketer-friendly. Similarly, the introduced features will be further upgraded to fill some of the gaps in data.

Where to start?

It’s crucial to understand the complete features of Google Analytics 4. As a new in-market, digital marketers need to get a complete hold of it. As in GA4, we cannot upgrade an existing property to Google Analytics. So, it needs to set a new property. Adding new property means adding new tags to our website besides the existing one of Google Analytics. 

Although, it’s easy for users of Google Tag Manager by using GTM’s new enhanced measurement features. For other app users, you can simply link your setup to Google Analytics 4 to bring in earlier stored app data.

It should be kept in mind that marketers must start using GA4 to test new reports.  Google can deprecate the existing universal analytics as GA4 matures. So, digital marketers must be prepared before it happens.

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