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How to Use Influencer Marketing in 2021

2020 was a tough year for many brands that were dealing with many roadblocks. 

We found Influencer marketing gave new, different, and unique approaches to brands which allowed them to reach their ideal customers. Having the power that influencers have over consumers proved to be a critical aspect in helping brands advertise to their target audiences. 

Now that the situation is not as bad as it was in 2020, brands are expected to stick with influencers in 2021 because influencer marketing has been extremely beneficial.

So to continue influencer marketing in 2021, here are a few defining trends that you can keep an eye out for this year!

  • Live streaming

Staying indoors and being quarantined led to a gap in real-life interaction that you get from in-person events. In an attempt to try and fill this void, influencers came up with live events through live streams, which connected them to their audiences in an innovative way. 

According to stats, 7.46 billion consumers watched and interacted with live streaming platforms in 2020, and it is still on the rise. Businesses are planning to continue this trend in 2021, and so it is an important platform to keep the focus on. 

  • Increase in video content

The video posts on all social media platforms were at the forefront last year. 

Some of these are as following:

  • Make-up tutorials
  • Q&A sessions
  • Sneak peeks of behind the scenes 
  • DIY videos

All of this video content assisted brands in connecting with their audiences in a relatable and dynamic way. Customers engage in video format posts because it allows them to interact with the influencer and see the brand differently.

In 2021, the intelligent thing to do is to get more creative with these videos to stand out. 

  • Conveying brand values

In 2020 we saw that brand values are slowly becoming the center of the stage. Topics like inequality, mental health, diversity, inclusion, and many others have been widely spoken about. With all this, consumers seek out brands who support these causes and are willingly paying a premium for them. 

So in 2021, brands will try to make an effort, be more transparent about their values and supply chain, and talk about these topics. Influencers will play a critical role in conveying these brand values to their existing and potential customers.

The thing that matters is that influencers communicate these messages in a way that resonates with the brands’ target market, which brands can leverage in 2021.

  • A decline in celebrity influencers

Knowing which trends of influencer marketing to follow in 2021, it is also integral to understand the trends that are now seeing a decline. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown last year, many celebrity influencers did not have the sense to keep quiet. Their feeds showed how unaffected their lives were, which made the audiences unhappy. 

As mentioned above, audiences are looking for brands that stand for a cause or take on social responsibility. So, in 2021, it would be good if businesses distance themselves from celebrity influencers.

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