How to use LinkedIn with Content Marketing to generate leads?

Many B2B companies think that LinkedIn and other social media platforms are a futile tool for lead generation, instead they choose to spend all their time and money at trade shows and advertising in trade publications, etc. But LinkedIn, especially for B2B companies, can be a very effective tool to get new people to your website and grab attention of others towards your company.

Best of all, the main thing you need to generate leads is TIME and EFFORT.

Following are the strategies that you can use to generate as many B2B leads as you need

  • Optimizing your profile for connecting

On LinkedIn, we will mainly be connecting with people we don’t know. Because of this reason, we need to make sure our profile is optimized as much as possible, or else you could be marked as a spammer and might also get poor results if someone searches for you on LinkedIn.  

Three major elements for optimizing are:
  1. Name and Picture
  2. Tagline / Title
  3. Your message
  • Create your own group

Having a group for generating leads is one of the most important factors because you’re going to invite companies and CEOs to join the group you created. You’re going to be using the group to get more connections and generate leads.

  • Create your list of potential customers

In B2B sales, you’re typically directing the same level of employee, mostly MDs and CEOs in each company, which is why we add a title (e.g., CEO, Founder, Marketing Manager). The search filter in LinkedIn will make sure that the results are in the industry you want to target. And location filter will make sure that these results are near you so that you can easily get in touch with them for business.

  • Do a formal introduction with each member

Introduce yourself and your company to the group members. Keep the introduction brief and tell the members of your group that it will be a pleasure having a business relationship with them.

  • Advertise

LinkedIn Ads is a very useful tool to market to your group. You can target people with similar profiles as yours which may end up bringing in new leads as well.

  • Group Partnership

Find groups similar to your line of work and make them an offer to do a cross promotion. This will help boost your group resulting in more members joining.

  • Posting Statuses

When you post a new status, it will be visible to your connections. This will also result in more views and hence more potential leads.

LinkedIn is an amazing place to build relationships and to make new connections, but sitting 24/7 on LinkedIn like a wallflower won’t help. You can however start being active and effectively start selling your products and services. Know your audience, create a plan and just execute it over and over again. After some time, you’ll start seeing the results and growth in your business.

By: Marisa Morabito

[email protected]

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