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HotelCase Study

Geo-Fence Conversions

Campaign Goal

.14% CTR

Campaign Results

$32.86 CPA

Campaign Results

A hotel in a popular destination area was looking to build brand awareness among their target audience and increase hotel visitors. They enlisted the help of IDMG to utilize new geo-fencing technology and other tactics to track offline conversions and improve their overall advertising performance. The advertiser’s goal was to achieve a low CPA and a high number of geo-fence conversions.

The hotel identifed several competitor hotel properties to reach frequent travelers. Our team then developed a comprehensive strategy of geo-fencing with conversion zones to target those locations and then measure offline conversions to the advertiser’s hotel. The campaign also featured search retargeting at the keyword level and category contextual targeting. After the campaign launch, IDMG and our multivariate algorithms worked to maximize the campaign by optimizing keywords, blacklisting certain domains, adjusting pacing, and impression capping to decrease CPA and extend reach to the target audience.

We were able to deliver 30 geo-fence conversions (individuals who were served an ad and then visited the hotel), with a low CPA of $32.86. The advertiser was also able to record a positive CTR of .14% and track their Total Vist Rate (TVR) and Cost Per Visit (CPV).

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