Police Academy

Police AcademyCase Study

.08 - .1% CTR

Campaign Goal

1 month

Campaign Length

.11% CTR

Campaign Result

A local police department was looking to recruit a new incoming class of officers. They enlisted teh help of IDMG to more precisely target men and women looking for career changes, post-military work, college alternative options and more. The goal was to achieve a CTR higher than the industry average of .08-.1%.

Our team developed a comprehensive geo-targeted strategy of search retargeting at the keyword level and site retargeting. With quick learning from the campaign launch, our team was able to optimize and remove poorly-performing keywords, blacklist specific domains to more precisely target their audience, and implement impression caps to maximize budget and reach.

Through multiple tactics and optimizations, we delivered a CTR of .11%, exceeding the industry average and the client’s goal of a .08-.1% CTR.

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