RestaurantCase Study

6 Months

Campaign Length

1,062 Geo-Fence Conversions

Campaign Results

.19% CTR

Campaign Results

A local cafe and bar were looking to promote a variety of specials and drive in-person visits. They enlisted they help of IDMG to utilize geo-fencing wiht conversion zones technology to more precisely reach their target audience and to measure and report on online-to-offline conversions.

IDMG developed a strategy of geo-fencing with conversion zones and site retargeting to effectively reach their target market of nearby users with hight loyalty potential. As the restaurant is located in a city center our team drew a custom-shaped geo-fence around the downtown area to reach users in close proximity and then built a conversion zone around the downtown area to reach users who were served an ad and then visited the resaurant. After launch, IDMG and our multivariate algorithms worked to optimized they campaign midflight including updating the frequency cap, adjusting dayparting to ensure timely delivery, and swapping creative to align with promotional periods.

Over the six-month campaign, we were able to deliver more than 1,000 geo-fence conversions, defined as the number of individuals who entered the geo-fence, were delivered an advertisement, and then visited the advertiser’s restaurant. Additionally, the camaipn achieved a high CTR of .19%.

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